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Monday & Tuesday closed

Wednesday 12pm - 2pm & 5.30pm - 7.45pm

Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm

Sunday (Roasts and deserts only) 12pm - 2.30pm

Please see blackboard for daily specials.

Current menu



Our bar is open seven days a week



Our prices are very competitive.


NEW! Harvey's Brewery Wine List

Click here for details



We always have HARVEY'S BEST BITTER and a GUEST ALE on draught.


                                                           REAL ALES

Our regular real ale is Harvey's Sussex Bitter. 4% by volume

This locally brewed ale is always in demand. It's an award winning blend of four local hops that create a distinctive and refreshing full bodied flavour.


Our aim is to stock one guest ale, subject to availability.

Why not come in and see what's available today?



Current guest ale:

Harveys - Old Ale. 4.3% by volume.

The clubs very popular seasonal ale from are largest local brewery.

Dark and warming yet with light aromas and a slightly sweet flavour.


Coming soon:

Ask at the bar or check our website for exciting new ales for 2019 are yet to be announced!!!


In the future, for your enjoyment:

More fantastic real ales - all to be confirmed.

Please check in at the bar or ask our bar staff about future ales.

The bar board will also show future anticipated ales and strengths.


 (Tell a member of the bar staff or email:





As well as our usual range, we have introduced some speciality gin's.




Blackdown - Sussex dry. 37.5% by volume.

Distilled within the South Downs National Park, a clear and bright gin, the predominant notes are juniper, coriander, citrus and silver birch, giving a smooth, refined and slightly sweet palate. 


Edgerton Original Pink. 43.0% by volume.

Selling fast. it has an aroma of ripe fruity notes with underlying hints of juniper.


Hendrick's. 41.4% by volume.

As well as the usual juniper infusion, this also uses Bulgarian rose and cucumber for extra flavour plus elderflower, orange peel, caraway and chamomile to create a unique gin taste.


Brighton - Sussex dry. 40.0% by volume.

Made in a tiny pub basement in Hove, using juniper, coriander and citrus peel plus milk thistle to give it a creamy herbal character.

Smooth enough to be sipped neat over ice, within the classic G&T mixed with a good quality tonic and a slice of orange or the base for a Martini.


Anno - Sloe Gin. 29.0% by volume.

A rich, nutty & tantalising infusion using handpicked sloes mixed with Anno's Kent dry gin. Designed to be drunk neat, with lemonade or ginger beer or why not create a "Sloe Royale" with your favourite Prosecco!


Seven Sisters Gin – 41.7% by volume.

From the Rathfinny Wine Estate at Alfriston, East Sussex – just a few minutes from the club, this is hand-crafted from a blend of grain spirit & the estate’s own 'Rebęche' (the third pressing of grapes), smooth & supple with warm tangy citrus & liquorice.


Copper Rivet’s – Dockyard Gin – 41.2% by volume.

Distilled at Chatham Dockyard, Kent, with botanicals including Italian juniper berries, locally sourced elderflower, Bulgarian coriander seeds, Spanish orange peel, Guatamalan green cardamom, European Angelica & Orris roots and using Kentish chalk filtered water, this is an updated take on traditional naval gins.

A dry citrus floral top note followed by sweet & spicy and a refreshing aftertaste.


Boe - Violet Gin - 41.5% by volume.

It is claimed that gin was invented in 1658 by Professor Franz De La Boe who gently infused a clear grain spirit with hand picked juniper berries while searching for a medical tonic.

Boe Scottish Gin is infused with violets to make, well, Boe Violet Gin. This addition creates a stylish gin with a light, delicate taste and beautiful colour and aroma.

Enjoy with tonic, as a cocktail or with the mixer of your choice.